Подготовка к MBA: учебный план


Каждое занятие курса подготовки к MBA состоит из 2х частей.
1ая часть занятия - дискуссия. Эта часть занятия посвящена свежим новостям в бизнесе и экономике.
Эта часть занятия будет проводиться приглашенными спикерами.
Вторые два часа занятия проходят соответственно нижеприведенному учебному плану курса.

Part 1:  The new world of business
Week 1: Looking at the new world of business
Planning for change
Looking to the future
Week 2: Information technology-The new advantage
Facing up to technological challenges
Creating a technology competitive advantage
Week 3:  Global business
Making the global decision
Entering the global market
Week 4:  Strategic planning
The new business horizon
Learning SWOT analysis

Part 2:    Managing a business in the new business world
Week 5: Management & Leadership
Designing a better organization
Examining management trends
Week 6:  Motivating employees
Theories of motivation
Care and motivation of employees
Week 7:  Hiring and firing employees
Hiring and keeping the best
Disciplining and terminating employees
Week 8: Team building- the importance of teamwork
Empowering employees-Setting goals-Tracking progress
Conducting better business meetings

Part 3:    Money: What you don’t now could hurt you
Week 9:  The basics of accounting
Budgets and estimates
Watching the numbers
Week 10: Financial statements
The balance sheet
The income statement – The cash flow statement
Week 11:  Financial planning and analysis
Preparing forecasts – Developing budgets – Ratios
How to read an annual report
Week 12:  Money makes money
Acquiring first and second stage money
Various ways of raising capital – Mergers
Week 13:  Stocks and bonds
Understanding and investing in stocks - Mutual funds
Bonds: Government – Corporate – Municipal
Week 14:  Mid term review – Presentations

Spring Vacation: 25th April to 9th May

Part 4:       Marketing in the new business environment
Week 15:  The customer is king
Understanding customers needs – Communication
Building relationships – Keeping customers
Week 16:  Focus with a marketing plan
Marketing has changed
Key principles of marketing today
Week 17:  Advertising & promotion
Basics of advertising – Running successful campaigns
Publicity & promotion – Special events –Premiums
Week 18: Today’s world of selling
Personal selling – Telemarketing
Online sales - Sales to other businesses

Part 5       Manufacturing & Distribution – Risk management
Negotiation – Entrepreneurial economics
Week 19: Manufacturing & distribution
Technology and the production process
Inventory – Purchasing – distribution
Week 20:  Risk management
The basics of managing risk – taking action
Insurance – Training employees to manage risk
Week 21:  Everything is a negotiation
Preparation – The critical elements of negotiation
Warming up – Playing the game
Week 22:  Basic entrepreneurial economics
Looking at conflicting theories
Fundamental economic questions and key concepts

Part 6:      The secret of the tens
Week 23:  Ten biggest managerial mistakes
Ten creative ways to market products and services
Week 24   Ten free business resources
Ten ways to improve your cash flow

Part 7;        A closer look at marketing and branding
Week 25    Marketing and Branding
& 26          Guidelines to guaranteed success for your product or service
Week 27:   Final Review
Week 28;   Exam - Presentations

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